Saturday, June 23, 2012

Moving Sucks - by Lee

I don't really understand what my people are doing these days. They keep talking about moving. I think that moving sucks. So far this has happened:
1) I had to spend a beautiful afternoon alone in the backyard away from my people. My Uncle Chris was here without Emma and I didn't get to play with him.
2) The house is empty, my stuff is gone, and that is stressful.
3) My people haven't been spending enough time with me because they have been packing and cleaning.
4) It has been really hot so my walks have sucked.
5) I was all excited last week cause my Lady took me in the car. Then we got to the vet. I didn't like it. I shook and cried and freaked out. The vet wasn't someone I knew. My Lady knew him. Said he took care of Gemi when she was dying. This didn't help, I thought maybe I would die too. In the end, he put some drops in my nose. My Lady said I need this so I can go to Doggy Day Camp on showing days so she and the Man can work. I think they should just quit their jobs and stay home with me. Then I had to wait in the clinic to pay. Sometimes I get to wait in the car, but my Lady said it was way too hot, so I would stay inside.
6) My Lady told Stephanie my dog walker when my last walk with her would be. I am SOOOOOO sad about this. Lady talks about acres and country and running free, but I don't understand that.
7) Strangers keep coming to my house. People they call realtors and photographers. There is talk of cleaners and window washers . . . .it just gets worse!
8) We went to Aunt C's last night. This was fun, but I wasn't allowed to go to the basement to play with Lemew. My Lady and Aunt C took me for a walk. My Lady said I was bad, pulling and lunging and was embarrassed when someone told her I need to be socialized. I think I am allowed to have a bad day!


  1. Keep your thoughts positive, we been through this twice, always seemed to a better place, it will be OK. Peeps get crazy stuff in their heads, they had to work through it, then it's back to all about you.

    Susie & Bites

  2. Thanks Susie and Bites. They have been giving me more attention recently and it is not as hot, so I am happier. Not happy I can't bring my chewed stick into the house . . . .


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