Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Last week I was on the west coast. I must say both Seattle and Vancouver were very dog friendly cities. If I thought Lee would like to fly, I would travel with her, but I think that would completely traumatize her, and regardless of what she says, it is not my goal in life to stress her out!

One of the things I did was take a bus trip to Whistler (4 days were work, 4 were play - the perfect trip). While my friend and I were wandering around Whistler, we ran into our tour bus driver walking a dog. Turns out, on his breaks (aka the 3.5-4 hours we were walking around) he volunteers at the Whistler Shelter walking dogs. On the day we met him he had George. George was a lovely golden coloured mutt, medium build, who clearly had a rough life before being rescued, he was covered in scars. He was so friendly and affectionate. He gave me big kisses. I wanted to bring him home. Unfortunately I have promised no new pets until we live through this whole move thing . . . so hopefully soon:)

While I had been enjoying this tour guide, I will be honest to say that finding out he spent his break time walking dogs made me love him more and it was reflected in the tip I gave him!  


  1. So nice of the bus driver!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I thought it was an amazing use of time! What a great idea. Especially in a job that requires so much sitting!


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