Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dog Day Camp Day 1

Well today was the big day for Lee and me. It was her first day at day camp. After our morning walk we drove to PetSmart. On the way we passed our local park and Lee was so excited because she thought we were going there. She was disappointed. She was happy to get out of the car at PetSmart and happy to be in the store. However, as soon as we reached the PetHotel/Day Camp she wanted out! They had to drag her to the back, my poor girl. It was horrible to see her like that. I was at least busy enough with the paperwork to really focus on this. Then I left thinking, man I don't know how my friends can leave their kids at daycare . . . .

Around 3:45 I went back to get her. When I arrived she was in one of the big play rooms. She didn't look unhappy, she was standing watching. Then she saw me and she looked very confused and then happy. I could hear her whining as I paid for her day.

They report she had a good first day. She was shy meeting the new dogs, but didn't seem nervous or aggressive. She didn't do any business there, which I am not surprised, often between 9-4 she is alone and she can hold it.  She seemed happy to be leaving.

However, little did she know we were not going home. We have what I call a good problem, a fair bit of interest in the house day 1 (and a number of showings booked for tomorrow). I could have left her there, but felt bad, so I picked her up and now she is sniffing her Aunt C's house while we wait for the last of the showings to be done. We will likely be hanging out here a lot on the evenings and weekends if the weather isn't nice (it is close to our house).

I am sure when we get home she will crash. Play time is 9-11 and 1-5 so not a lot of napping at day camp and not much napping at Aunt C's!

Let's hope tomorrow is another good day and that this house sells fast so we don't have to go to camp/visiting!


  1. See mom, us doggies now how to handle different things, bet she partied hard and sleeps with wonderful pouchie dreams.

    Susie & Bites


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