Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Manic Monday

Yesterday it was hot and I thought we would celebrate the hot by Lee going on 2 walks in the morning. See I had written down that our lovely dog walker Stephanie was still away, so I took her out around 7:30. Guess who shows up at 8:40, our beloved Stephanie. So Lee got two walks. This was probably good because the rest of the day was really, really hot here. Unusually hot. Lee spent it sleeping. This was also good because it was our house buying day. Yep, assuming all is good the next 10 days with the financing, building inspection and water testing, Lee will be moving to 2 acres in the country. What is most exciting? The new house has a/c. Lee did not appreciate the window unit a/c. She wanted out of the room and was very mad when I made her stay! She went under the bed, she didn't like the noise I think.

Let's hope today is less busy and cooler!

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