Friday, April 22, 2011

Where did that come from?

The other day I had a tight window of time between my Skype consult at home and leaving and arriving on time at a meeting a client’s house. I am quickly packing up to be on time, when I discover fresh blood on the couch.

I couldn’t leave the house knowing that someone was bleeding. My guess was that it belonged to Miss Bug as to keep her out of my hair while I was Skyping I gave her a raw hide chew as a special treat. Sometimes these make her gums bleed a little. I thought it was too much blood for that, but I would check her first.

Getting her to check was a bit of a challenge, not because she was afraid or me or anything, but rather she had a tiny piece of raw hide left that she was desperately trying to bury in the couch. (She really wanted to bury it outside, but I wouldn’t let her, she has enough holes out there!). I caught her, and there it was a big scrap on her nose. I have no idea how she got this. While there are currently 3 cats in the house (our 2 and Aunt C’s), none have claws. The cut was very minor and did not seem to bother her, in fact, it didn’t even seem to be bleeding any more. I guess she put all the blood on the couch! In the end I was only 5 minutes late and I stayed 5 minutes longer, so it all worked out.

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