Friday, April 8, 2011

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

This is probably my last post (althought you never know what coudl happen in the next 24 hours).

My time with the pups has had ups and downs. 

 The not so good:
  • It's hard to get up early just to walk a dog
  • When you get home from work, and you really just want to sit on the couch and relax and it's cold and raining, and you realize you have to take the dog for a walk, that really sucks.
  • Destruction:
    • 2 pet beds
    • 1 Heart Baby
    • 1 Remote Control
  • Fur on everything, all the time
  • Scratches to the face because sometimes when Lee wants attention, that's what she does
  • Cleaning up pee from the floor
  • Cleaning up poop from the floor
The monumentally awesome:
  • Finally figuring out a method of walking Lee that's totally agreeable to everyone!
  • Seeing Lee run at the park with the other dogs, it's pure joy
  • Gemi's smiling face when she's on a walk or at the park on a nice day (even if she's a little slow at walking, or if she's not playing much with the other dogs, she's still so happy to be there!)
  • Warm bodies cuddled up against you in bed
  • Having one so happy to see you every time you get home that they can't contain themselves and jump (and even escape!)
  • Having another so happy to see you every time you get home that they can't contain themselves and bite you!
  • Never feeling lonely, not even for a second
  • Always feeling loved, needed and appreciated, every single second
They really are wonderful dogs, and it's been great hanging out with my old pal Gemi and getting to know and falling in love with my new "bestie" Hailey!

I leave you with some pictures of them at their sweetest!

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