Thursday, April 28, 2011

I need to be free

As told by Miss Hailey Bug

My lady is having trouble understanding my exuberance for life. I love to run and be free. It is not that I am unhappy in my home, I love it here. My people are great. Gemi is a good big sister. I get to chase and hump Nin. Sometimes Baggy even lets me sniff him. It is great. But I have a natural traveling bug in me (My Lady of all people should appreciate that, maybe like her I am a Thursday’s child, I have far to go). There is just so much to see and do in the world and I want to do it all now!

So yesterday even though my lady suffered the mud at the dog park (Editor’s note, stay tuned for an upcoming blog about that), and when she got home we ran and played outside until I was zonked out, I still wanted more.

I happened to see my opportunity. My lady had given me the “leaving” cookie, which I waited for and took beautifully, and then as soon as she opened the front door I took off out of it.

The joys of being free. I didn’t even hear the lady calling me to come back. There were people walking down the street to smell. Then I went in the neighbour’ yard and ran around like a crazy dog. Unfortunately the only way to get out of the yard was the same as the way in (my mistake) and my lady caught me there. She unceremoniously dragged me home by the collar. Then she put me in the house and closed the door.

I knew I was in trouble because when she returned I gave her lots of love.

At least I didn’t destroy anything while she was gone or leave a mess. I can be good when I want to.

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