Sunday, April 17, 2011

Try to get out of that!

We believe we have successfully created a puppy prison. We believe this because when we sent our girl out free after we had spent 45 minutes, she was mad! I think she knows she is stuck in.

Now to back track to cover the adventures of creating a prison:

I had lunch with a good friend with a van. She offered to take me to Home Depot to get the supplies. So after lunch we go and get some materials and talk to the very helpful young man who had about how to do this. This was the easy part.  The challenge became loading these huge pieces of steal trestles.  They were too long to fit in her van. We tried many things which were not graceful and did some damage to the inside of her car, but they would not fit. So she says “we are smart women we can figure this out.” We start to bend them and use the tie things to seal them. They are still not going to fit. Then I have the idea to bend them flatter by stepping on them. This did make them flat enough to fit in the van. Of course they did not slide nicely, oh no, due to the seatbelts they kept getting stuck. Really it was a royal pain and when I thanked her, she jokingly said “I can’t even say it wasn’t a problem.” The pieces came out much easier than they went in.

Then Drew and I dragged them to the back and pulled out the little white fence and started to bang the poles in for the new one. Problem is, the ground is still pretty frozen in places so we couldn’t sink them all as deep as we wanted. But we were able to get them all in deep enough to stand, and this will due for a couple weeks until the ground is not as frozen. Because we can’t sink it as deep, I decided to run the old white fence in front of it, just to keep her from digging.

So building this fence was easier than buying the materials. Who would have thought!

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