Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Walk to Remember

Upon recommendation from a friend, I decided to try walking Lee on her harness today, instead of collar.  SUCCESS!!!  She pulled WAY less, and it was easier to hold the leash in a way that forced her to walk right beside me.  Unfortunately, Gemi hasn't been feeling great this week... she wanted to come for the walk, but she was having trouble keeping up, so it was a short walk.  This is the conversation after the walk.

Aunt C:  Hailey, that was amazing!  Your walk is up to a 9!! 
Hailey:  What?  That was my best walk, it should be a 10!
AC:  But you lose a few marks for still being all over the place a lot at the start.  And for trying to eat the dead bird again.
H:  But that's what you do with dead birds, you eat them!!
AC:  Oh Lee, you are so funny.  It was a great walk. 
H:  I know, because I'm great.  That Gemi though, she was so slow, she gets a -4.
AC:  Lee, that's not fair at all! 
H:  I guess.  +4.
AC  Oh Lee.  Gemi, you get a 9.5, because you're still an awesome walker, even when you're tired.
Gemi:  Thank you Aunt C.  I love you.
H:  I love you more.  You can tell because I'm bigger so I have more love.
G:  No way!
H:  Yes way!
G:  But I've known her longer.

This argument continued on for a while until a truce was formed.  You're never short of love when you're with these dogs!

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