Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Bad Vet

Editor’s note: For 8.5 years, I was the owner of a little dog named Loki. Even though he had an auto-immune disorder and had more medical procedures than most, he loved going to the vet. He would be so excited he would pee on the floor! He loved everyone and no one could believe how good he was when they were doing some very invasive stuff to him. I couldn’t understand why people complain about having to go. I now know why they do.

As told by LeeLee and Gemi

G: It was a really gross day out. I was glad when the Lady was taking me in the car. I do not like freezing rain.
LL: I was excited to be in the car, but it was too long. I had to cry and whine and carry one. Oh why do they torture me so?
G: As soon as we got to the vet, I was a little scared. I whined a little and I wanted to sit with the Lady, but I knew I was safe.
LL: It was the worst place I have ever been to. It smelt funny. There was this horrible cat that I was not allowed to get. I wanted to get her but the Lady wouldn’t let me. I was scared too and I was shaking and crying. Then they came and took the cat away because I was making too much noise. It was still horrible.
G: LeeLee you were not crying, you were screaming.
(Editor’s note – the sound she was making is best described as a scream. It was this high pitched whine that was clearly bothering the staff there and I have never heard before).
G: I got so excited that people came in to see me  that I tried to nip them. I did not like getting in trouble for this.
LL: This is when the bad stuff really started to happen. We had to leave the sitting area to go to this torture device in the floor. I tried everything not to go on it, I made myself small and flat, but still I was forced on.
G: LeeLee you are over dramatic, it was just a scale. It did not hurt.
LL: It was horrible!
G: We had to wait forever to see Woody, and LeeLee kept crying and screaming and she was embarrassing. Finally we got to go to the examining room. We saw people on the way, and I wanted to go see them, but Lady wouldn’t let me. She told me they were crying because they must have just said good bye to a pet.
LL: Finally we were in a safer place. I didn’t mind this little room, I got to run and sniff and I stopped crying. Then this guy came in who at first I thought was nice.
G: Woody is very nice. I love him. I nipped him. He said I seemed like a different more out going dog. I was good with my needle and exam and I am very healthy, but I didn’t like the treat he tried to make me eat. Lady had some I like better.
LL: You can say the man was nice because he was nice in the room. It is when they take you out of the room that the bad things happened. It was horrible I can’t even describe it. I am having flashbacks, I think I must rest.

Lee nursing her wounds
Editor’s note: Hailey did a great job with the physical exam and got a clean bill of health. She was taken to the back for her shots and to get a heartworm test. While sitting in the lobby, the Lady and Gemi could hear her screaming some more. When the technician brought her out, Lady was embarrassingly informed that 3 adults could not keep the Lee still enough to get the blood. Clearly they had tried as she had a bandage on. The technician wanted her to come back next week. When the vet came out with the heartworm medication, he said they tried everything reasonable and he did not want to stress poor Hailey out more, so he said she would be fine and they could try the blood work again next year.  Both dogs were good while the Lady paid the bill and were very quiet on the drive home. After the vet, both were exhausted and quieter than they even after an hour run at the park! Perhaps visiting there is a good way to exhaust them!

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