Saturday, March 5, 2011

Things that whine in the night

To the outside world it was a quiet night in the neighbourhood. Fortunately, Miss Hailey Bug knows what is really happening. Around 11 pm, Miss Bug alerted us to an invader in the backyard. She and Cricket alerted the neighbours and trapped the intruder under the deck.  After some convincing the troops were convinced we were safe and come inside..

The stress of the invasion caused Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Miss Bug. She was very upset and took refuge in her cave under the bed. There she laid whining and carrying on. Any noise, she would whine. After about 30 minutes she settled and went to sleep.

Around 1 am, the whining started again. Bug was whining and crying and had the house awake. The Lady and the Man were done saying soothing things to her and demanded she leave the cave. She still didn’t come out. Finally, while trying to be supportive for our PTS disorder sufferer, they really needed to go to sleep (some of the pack had to get up and work this morning), the Lady and Man got up and started peering into the cave. Turns out our brave solider had gotten herself stuck. She couldn’t get out from her cave. With some help she was able to get out and make settle for the rest of the night.

Now was the intruder or being stuck more traumatic for our Lee? We will never know!

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