Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pup Dreams

I am a chronic dreamer. It is only in my adult life that I have truly understood how rare a gift this is. Most mornings, I  remember at least parts of dreams. I can taste, feel, smell,  and see colours in my dreams. Some are so real that they are creepy. I have wicked nightmares that stay with me for days. I often solve problems/come up with ideas in my sleep. As long as I am not in a nightmare cycle I look forward to my dreams.

Perhaps because I am such a dreamer, I am very interested to know what my dogs are dreaming. Gemi rarely seems to be dreaming. However, Loki was a big dreamer and Miss Hailey Bug has dreams almost every day. She lies on her side, her little legs a running and she makes these cute little chirping noises. Is she chasing squirrels? Playing with other dogs? I would love to know what goes through her head in her sleep. If only she could tell us!

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