Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A play date from Miss Hailey Bug’s perspective

It started fun enough, we got to go in the car. I thought I was going to the park and I was so excited.  But then we drove and drove and drove and drove and I had to complain and my Lady was mean and told me I was going to have fun and to wait. I thought it was very rude of her to tell me to wait, because she is a bad waiter.

Finally, we arrived. She let Gemi and I out of the car and I had no idea where I was! I was very excited and so was Gemi. I could tell it was a house and I could smell lots of new things. As we got close to the house a little black thing came running at me. I mostly ignored it, I was too busy sniffing as my Lady guided me through a gate into a backyard. Then another Lady (I will call her new Lady) came out and so did another dog. Gemi and I really wanted to go into the house, but both Ladies made me wait a few minutes. I was sniffed by the other dogs but I did not care.

Then we got to go inside. Gemi and the other dogs, Pugsley, the black pug puppy, and Timo, the boxer, rottie, lab mix (who is old and sick) got to be off leash. I had to stay on mine. This is because not only where there 2 other dogs, but there were 3 little boys. The new Lady was worried I might knock the baby over.

I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed and really didn’t pay any attention to the people or dogs. Then I became really interested in watching the baby. What a curious thing a puppy sized person. I would have loved to kiss and hug him, but I was not allowed.

Pugsley was slightly annoying, doing all the play with me puppy things. Finally after I was sniffed out I played. We had a good time. I got to make puppy noises and bark. It was fun.

Then it was time to go home. I was so tired that I just slept the whole way home. Gemi was tired too. 

It was fun and I hope to do it again. Maybe next time I can stay off my leash because I was a very good girl.

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