Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beauty Parlour

The world has been unbalanced. Miss Cricket has been having her bi-monthly day at the spa and Miss Bug has not. When the weather was nicer and Miss Bug was walking on the roads her nails were not so bad. However, being at the park and running in the snow has lead to long nails. These long nails have caused some scrapes. Lady had been putting off doing this because she was afraid of what would happen.

Finally, the Lady got brave and took Miss Bug for a nail cut. When they first entered the parlour, Miss Bug put the breaks on. Miss Cricket had no idea where they were (she came for moral support) but was happy to be there. Once Miss Bug was in she relaxed. The Lady filled out the needed paperwork for a first visit. Then the Lady and Miss Cricket went for a walk in the store. Through the window into the parlour we could see it was taking 2 people to get Miss Bug on the table.

Reports from the spa director were that while nervous at first, Miss Bug did a great job.

Now that the Lady knows it isn’t a big deal, she will do a better job at making sure Miss Bug gets her share of days at the beauty parlour.

The Lady is still scared of taking her for a bath!

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