Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I always said I would write a book, but being that it is 2010 I thought maybe a blog would do. I also been waiting for something interesting to write about (my life is usually in the slow lane), and I think I have found the perfect subject -  life with my crazy new pup.

A little background. Until the spring of 2010, we were a 2 dog household. In our lives we have pets instead of kids, which I believe prevents us from being DINKs, but maybe others would argue. In May, our beloved Loki died after a long battle with an immune disorder. At the time I said, no new dogs for a long time . . . apparently in my world a long time is 4 months.

In mid-August, I got it in my head that I wanted another dog. I tried not to listen to that little voice, but it kept calling me (that and several of my best friends were going through the whole dog adoption/wanting to adopt process as well and their excitement lead to mine). This is when my OCD kicked in and I became obsessed with finding the perfect dog. I spent hours going through rescue sites, looking and looking and then I found Hailey.

Hailey  . . . oh Hailey - medium sized dog of unknown breed. Schipperke? Lab? Sheppard? 9 months old. I kept going back to her and back to her. One day my best friend said she had made a call about a dog she was interested in. I emailed about Hailey. I talked to her foster mom. Fate made it difficult for us to meet, but as in the Alchemist, the universe will make things challenging to see if you will stick with your dreams. I saw this as a good sign and pushed forward. We meet her and I already loved her, and my husband said, well maybe I could love her, and that was it. 4 days later she came home.

So here we are on day 5 with crazy dog! This is where our story begins.

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