Friday, September 24, 2010

Attention Please, Hailey is in the room!

Miss Hailey Bug of Ottawa would like to report puppy neglect. She has contacted her lawyer to launch her complaint. In a statement released by Miss Bug, it appears she feels her owners were negligent in not taking her on a big walk this morning. We were able to obtain a report that shows her owner was unable to take her on a walk due to a shoulder injury. This injury was not due to Miss Bug.

She also believes she was mistreated when sent to prison when company was here. When asked to comment, Lady, her owner said that after refusing to play with her toys, jumping up and covering a visiting colleague with mud, and ripping the foam out of the couch, she was forced to put Hailey in her crate for approximately an hour so they could work.  Lady further stated that next time a colleague is over, after a greeting, she will immediately put her in the crate.

Although no photographic evidence is available, when asked to comment on Lady’s allegations, Miss Bug said “no comment.”

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