Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I LOVE thunderstorms. I love, love, love them. Last night I was very excited that we were having one (even if it was just a little one). It turns out Hailey does not share my feelings for them. Loki was a huge suck when it came to thunder (many a night he slept on my head). Gemi is completely oblivious to these things and she doesn’t even seem to even notice.

Back to Hailey: The other night we had a thunderstorm and she hid behind the couch. Last night, she tried, but in the end, decided to come and sit on me, on my arm in a very uncomfortable position. But she seemed more relaxed and the storm was not too long so we all survived.

 See my arm is under her body.

The Hailey fear count: Cats; Thunder; Recycling bins (she is not sure of them, making this mornings walk more challenging as it was garbage day in the neighbourhood); the vacuum.

Destruction of the day: Razor toy. Drew did not appreciate me allowing her to do it so I could get a picture!

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