Saturday, September 11, 2010

Puppy School Day 1

Last evening we were able to exhaust both the dogs. It only takes 1 hour at the Dog Park and 30 minutes in PetSmart. It took me about 20 minutes to evaluate all the chew toys and try and figure out which ones may last 20 minutes (one she seems to like, one she doesn't)! I also had to get her tag made. She now has doggie jewellery (they don’t cell the plan tin ones anymore). This one actually has Swarovksi Crystals. After dinner, both dogs were tired out! Poor Gemi is exhausted. 2 hours of exercise a day is more than she needs and is use to.

Today, I will admit I woke up tired and sore. Sore for all the pulling she does and I was very grumpy. Not the best frame of mind for puppy school. Today was our private lesson. With the trainer, Hailey learned and would do, “sit, watch, free” in 3 trials. The trainer said, she is bright and a fast learner! With us -wouldn’t sit right away, when we would give the demands she would scratch herself . . . . I would like to think the trainer got her before she was tired. We also worked on heel. Of course our dog did not pull with the trainer (maybe she liked her treats better than ours). She also peed on the floor (even though we took her outside during her class to go) and she peed on her leash, so I got peey hands, which I did not like.

Crate update: Today while we were having lunch and spending the afternoon with a friend visiting from Minnesota, she chewed the plastic water dish to hell, and decided to take the 20 year old sleeping bag apart. The room looked a lot like yesterday. I think we are going to use old sheets in the crate. They don’t have stuffing so maybe they won’t be so appealing! At least it doesn’t appear she is eating these things, just chewing them apart.

We have survived one week with beast, looking forward to the next one!

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