Monday, September 13, 2010

Guilty as Charged

In fairness my office is not dog proofed, in fact it is a huge disaster (half of it is piles of stuff I haven’t put back in the living room since the remodelling). Generally I work in the living room, but this morning I needed my printer and to go through some materials (because, yes, I actually do work). I thought that the 45 min walk and training might tire her out. Wrong! She started well and then destroyed a small straw hat (she was kind enough to do this on our bed). She ripped a huge piece of the plastic Ziploc bag that had materials in it for the assessment. She chewed a coconut vase. She took things from the garbage. She found a foam green ball and this I let her had so I might be able to get the few things done (redirecting her was interfering with work).  
Now that is a guilty face!                   

I know you are thinking why not lock her out. Then she barks and this is just as annoying. Since I was getting very annoyed and I really needed to work (because yes I do work and I am not just writing this because some of my colleagues may read this), I thought this was the perfect time to give her a huge raw hide we had bought. I came downstairs and unwrapped and put it down. She seemed excited. Then I went back upstairs and she started barking. She was terrified of it and was barking and barking. I came back down stairs, took it away and gave her a small rawhide. This settled her and I could get some work done. Tomorrow I am working at home less . . . might get some work done out of the house!                                                                    

The big scary bone!

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