Thursday, September 23, 2010

The morning routine – as told by Miss Hailey Bug

It is dark. I am in a cage. It is a prison. Why do they keep me in prison? I am a good girl. Maybe it was an accident, maybe they didn’t mean to leave me in here. I will remind them I am here. “Hello, I need love. Hello, I am still here.” Hmmm, they said something, they must want me to talk louder. “What is taking you so long? Let me out!”

YAY! I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive. I must run and jump and cry, I’m alive! Oh my gosh, there is a cat. I need to be scared, why is there a cat here!

What, what are you doing? Why are you sending me outside? I just want to be with you! I love you.  Oh, I need to pee. Oh, let me back in. I am alive!

Oh, we are just sitting on the couch. This is good, I really wasn’t ready to get up. I just needed my people.

I wonder if we are ever going to eat.

I am going to have a little nap.

Food time! YAY! I am hungry. Why is there not enough? Does Gemi have more? I don’t think they feed me enough, I am done so quickly. Maybe I should steal Gemi’s food.

Oh, oh, it looks like we are going out soon. That lady is going upstairs. This means I get to jump on the bed. Yeah! I am alive and there are more people to love me! YAY!

That lady is taking too long. Why is she taking so long? Why doesn’t she hurry up? Does she not know the world is out there waiting for me? Sigh.

We are going back down. Look at what a great girl I can be. Look I am sitting. Look I need a cookie. I see you have the biscuit bag. Give me some, give me some.

We are going, yay, yay, yay! The world is wonderful. Garbage, squirrels, smells, people, cars! I am trying so hard to be a good walker, why am I not getting more cookies. I am so good, so good. Look, a bird! (Edited because this goes on for 45 minutes).

I am home, yay! Gemi I missed you, can I sniff your bum? Let’s look for the guy who lives here. He is gone. I need a drink. Need to sleep.

The lady is moving. I see her going to get a special treat (Editor’s note: usually Kong or raw hide). I get this if I get in my crate. I love the crate! The crate is the best place.

30 minutes later . . . I think this was a trick, I am back in prison!

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