Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Trouble on A Tuesday - Wildlife - by Lee

 Dear pals,

As our weather has been all over the place (one day last week it went from 4C/39F to -25C/-13F), and this has caused the snow against the house to melt.

This is causing a future problem for Lady because something is digging up the bulbs she planted in the fall, meaning she won't have all those flowers. She is trying to be a gardener. 

For now, for me and Phod it is creating some really great smells!

We will see what Lady gets in the spring, if any survived our helpers. 

Your pal Hailey Bug, the garden patroller 

PS after a very rough morning with a sick Man (unrelated, he seems to have influenza) and two dogs that just needed to poop and poop and poop (including a huge poop on the floor as Lady didn't hear the ask while she was working and wasn't expecting because there had already been sooooooo much poop) Lady threw out the expensive poop chews and is back to research. 


  1. we hope there is a solution and we send potp to the man

  2. Oh no I hope Man's sickies are short lived. Flu is bad!!
    I know Lady is M A D about her bulbs. She loves them in the spring
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. It's a shame that someone is stealing your mom's bulbs. We have our paws crossed that some are still there and will bloom in the spring.

  4. Lots of POTP for sick man and got the runs pups, and to the lady who lives and cares for them.

  5. Poor Lady...she just can't catch a break. We hope the poops let up and the man feels better soon.
    Rosy & Sunny

  6. You're just helping the Lady with her garden, Lee. She should appreciate that.

  7. If you could figure out how many vermin it takes to dig up a bulb you'd have something.


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