Monday, February 19, 2024

Mischief Monday - A Conversation Between Phod and Lady

Lady: I am a little disappointed that you wandered to the neighbour's  the other day Phod.

Phod: The snow is hard enough I can go over, and I haven't seen my kids or my Derek (Callie's Man) and I miss them very much. I am a good neighbour and wanted to make sure they are ok.

Lady: You know you are suppose to stay in our yard and come when you are called.

Phod: You know my hearing isn't what it used to be and I don't adhere to manmade boundaries. Besides my Derek always says it is ok I come over.

Lady: So you are saying you just wandered over to visit? Then why did you come out from under the back deck, with a huge smile eating cat poop?

Phod: I am a very good neighbour and I am just trying to help keep the neighbourhood clean, and you don't feed me enough. 

Lady: Lies - you get lots to eat. You are a disgusting and gross dog and I am going to trade you in for a less gross version. You obsessive poop eating is becoming a problem.

Phod: You would never trade me in Lady - idol threat - just like it would be an idol promise that I would stay in the yard and not eat poop.

Lady: I feel like we are at an impasse . . . . However, I am going to do some research into stopping this obsessive poop eating. It is new for you and is a bit out of control. 

Phod: Can I either go back into the closet to sleep or outside to hunt for poop? This conversation is boring me.

Lady: Oh Phod! 


  1. Poop is yummy. I'm sure it's nutritious too. Humans just don't understand.

  2. phod we can follow your arguments for us that makes sense... and poop was food once so we dogs are a kind of recycling machines

  3. Hari OM
    I am sure by now that Lady has researched canine coprophagia... but did anyone bother to consult the dogs? You like what you like, right? What if you asked Lady to stop eating chocolate (though, to be fair, like a lot of chocolate for her is unhealthy, I suspect the same is true for you and poop... jus' sayn'... ) hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. maybe this is called Old Dog Syndrome... Beau started about 2 months ago, never ate poop, now he will eat his own if we don't follow him and pick it up while it is steaming hot. when we walk, i have to watch him because if he finds poop some crazy person did not pick up from their morning walk he will grab that too. all new. Oh Phod, Oh Beau

  5. We don't have cat poop to eat, but we do love finding the piles of bunny poop in our yard. Our parents don't understand why we like to eat it so much either, Phod. Humans can be so confusing sometimes.

  6. Dog logic is as good as any! And it makes me laugh. Beth Gemma's Person

  7. PHOD I'm with Lady...just say NO to Cat poop
    BTW Callie would not like your poopie breath
    Welcome back from Winnipeg Lady
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. As a poop eater, I totally get it Phod....All I ever get is bunny poop lately though, some cat poop sure would be good!
    Sunny (who is currently on a dewormer because of her bunny poop habit)


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