Monday, February 26, 2024

Mischief Monday - More About Poop

I realize the Man and I talk about the dogs' poop a lot. We are always asking did they, go, when did they last go, did it look ok, etc. etc.  It may be a mild obsession. As mentioned last week, we have a poop eating problem. Hailey has always had this tendency and if anything it has gotten better in old age. Phod has definately developed this more in old age.

So I did some research and landed on trying these:

They past the first test, the dogs will eat them. They have failed the second test as they seem to have upset the dogs' tummies and made them have to poop more (Phod went 6 times one day - he usually goes 3). We have yet to decide what to do about this.  So we are doing our best to pick up their poop right away and now the snow is solid this is easier. However, even if we pick up all their poop we have the cat poop, deer poop, turkey poop, sometimes' Callie poop to deal with. 

Phod licking up turkey poop

Hailey walking across the snow to look for poop

For now, we will continue to be obsessed with finding answers and the dogs will continue to be obsessed with eating poop. 


  1. poop is a poop-ular dog snack...da nelly likes pigeon poop, no idea why?

  2. My vet made the comment that today's dog foods are so rich that much still remains in the poop, making it very attractive.

  3. Phod and Lee you have me giggling like a crazy lady.
    What a funny post. But I do hope this works.
    Toto the mighty mini dachshund didn't eat it but he would roll obsessively in places that must have been a poop spot. Then whine and whimper when he had to have more than one bath a week.
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Hari OM
    Each to their own.......... I'll pass, ta. Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  5. I read this and started to laugh and laugh and laugh, bob wanted to know what i was laughing at. i laughed so hard trying to read it out loud to him i couldn't catch my breath. the thing is, I could have written this. that first paragraph of us constantly askiing each other did he poop is a daily part of our life. we say and do the same things you do and Beau NEVER ate poop. until the past 3 months, he did turn 10 in Oct maybe it is aging. he will try to eat poop when i am walking him if some dastardly dog walker has not picked up their dogs poop. I love this and just know, YOU ARE NOT ALONE... don't waste your money. when Jake started eating poop we bought so many things i can't remeber the names. none of them worked. we just follow him around and scoop the poop as soon as it drops. we have to stay close because the second it hits the ground, he will turn around nd dive on it unless we say NOO

  6. We don't try to eat our own poop, but that might also be because our parents are always right there to pick it up. The one thing our parents can't always find before we start snarfing them down are the bunny poops that are all over our fenced in yard. If they find a pile of them though, our parents will pick those up too. Our parents got into the habit of picking up our poop right away because their first dog was a big poop eater, plus they didn't want to have to watch where they walked in our yard.

  7. Yep, poop talk is a big subject here too....Sunny is the poop eater in our house, although she has eased up on eating her own poop...she is still obsessed with bunny poop..."les sigh"

  8. Humans can't create something that is worse than eating poop. It is the worst thing imaginable for them to ear, so their have limited imaginations. My biggest probem with poo is I am hungry and don't need to poop.

  9. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! I used to eat the Cat Poop! Yum!


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