Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Dear Man - Day 2

Dear Man,

Lady says your ship is going backwards because of weather. We have weather here too. It was windy and rainy Saturday night. Phod paced around for like an hour before he could settle. We were pretty good after that and let Lady sleep until 6:30. She can't complain because this is really 7:30 cause we fell back. 

We did another walk in the bush. While it was warm, it wasn't as pretty as Saturday.  Callie's man has carved out another new trail, so that was fun to sniff. 

There was one tree blown over by the sugar shack. 

We helped Lady with her yoga and meditation by trying to rip up the dog bed in her office. In spite of this, she did make us pancakes. We won't say they are not as good as yours, as she may read this.  We then spent much of the rest of the day napping and barking. We barked at the squirrels that were plentiful because Lady filled the feeders and we barked at the wind or nothing. Ok Lee did most of the  barking at nothing. 

We did have one bad moment. During a pee break, Hailey because alerted that her nemesis Charlotte was next door and she had to run over and bark like a crazy, aggressive dog. Poor Charlotte, who was outside alone, huddled up at the back door barking. While all this was happening Phod just wandered around, using the distraction as an opportunity to explore. 

Just wandering around

Lady didn't take as many pictures as she was very busy and not busy. She found a new show to watch so we were happy after dinner that she did the routine right.

We were very tired and went to bed in good time.

Come back on Thursday to read the next 3 days!

Hope you are having fun but are also feeling terrible that you abandoned us. 


  1. Hari OM
    Well done, doglets - just enough to make Man smile... and to regret leaving you with Lady to deal with single-handed! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. you got pancakes after bed-cident? goood! we love that!!!

  3. good job! glad it all worked out with no Charlotte harmed in the telling of this Tale. we agree with da weims, pancakes in spite of the bed ripping???

  4. Oh dear, we fear Man will not be having much fun sailing backwards. And Gail says one should ALWAYS be grateful for homemade pancakes.

  5. Oh Lee and Phod what a lovely letter to da Man ......til that last sentence. OMDs
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. We are sure Man is feeling very guilty for leaving you!!

  7. You all sure have been busy while the Man is away. We hope his ship doesn't get mixed up in that tropical storm down south.


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