Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Crazy Time

Some nights, between dinner and evening stroll, Hailey gets a little crazy! She may even try and hump the Man.

She is most likely to be crazy if her dinner topper was something she really loves, like a little bit of meat. 

Look at the tail go!

Crazy eyes

Rub my back! I can't keep still!

Barking at the Lady for taking pictures and not playing


Do you ever have crazy time?


  1. you go Hailey Girl... i have not shared the fact that Beaus tail doesn't wag, it spins in circles.

  2. A lovely dinner can be exhilarating.

  3. ...it's called 5pm madness here and da phenny is totally in this .... ;O)

  4. Millie has her crazy times too! She loves to mess up the big bed after we're done with a meal. Sometimes we will start a wrestling session after she messes up the bed. We use the bed like it's a wrestling mat. BOL!

  5. Oh Hailey, you are so very cute when you play!!
    Rosy,Sunny and Jakey

  6. I love it when you get crazy, Hailey. My crazy time is in the morning waiting for mom to get her act together right before our walkies.

  7. A good back rub can bring out the cheekiness in anyone, Hailey.


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