Friday, October 12, 2012

Proof no good ever came from a Thursday

Editors note: The Lady hates Thursdays. She thinks they are the worst day in the week. She has a firm belief that no good comes from this day. It is what one gets for naming the day after Thor, god of thunder.

The Lady's eyes pop open 10 minutes before her alarm is about to go off. She silently groans as she reads 4:53 am on the clock. She lays there for a few minutes and gets up. The next half hour is a quiet one of feeding dogs, packing lunches and getting half ready for work.

At 5:35 the Lady slips into her Merrels, slips collars around the dogs necks, and off they go on a walk into the cool, crisp morning. The Lady is amazed at how wonderful the stars look. The first 1.5ish km of the walk are uneventful, in fact the dogs are walking better than usual. Only 2 cars pass. The dogs do their business. On the last .5 km, the Lady and dogs stop as a car passes. The Lady is holding the dogs in one hand.

Suddenly Zaphod lunges at the fence, Hailey too and the next thing the Lady knows she has landed hard in a ditch. She is flat on her belly, her legs are under her like she is sitting sort of cross legged. The dogs are still in one hand pulling. After a quick assessment, the Lady realizes no major injuries, but she is being pulled slowly in a ditch by the dogs. Hailey has gone one way and Phod the other. She is trying to pull them back, but it is hard laying on her belly. They are not responding to vocal commands (aka yelling). Out of desperation to be able to get up, the Lady swings her free hand to give Phod a swat to try and get his attention in hopes he will stop pulling so she can get up. The Lady would like to make it clear that this was a swat and not a hit and that at the time laying face down in a ditch in the pitch black, sort of being dragged on her belly she didn't feel she had a lot of other options. The Lady has had a momentary lapse that Phod was abused, so he interprets this swat as a beating comes and flips over to his back and starts shaking. This is when the Lady started to cry. She tried to give comfort to Phod, but he was just a puddle on the ground.

The Lady realizes she is not being pulled anymore, so she is able to pick her crying self up off the ground. She is able reach down and assure Phod she loves him and he is ok. She realizes Hailey has totally missed this looking at whatever she was looking at. The pack then makes their slow way home, amid tears.

The Lady finishes getting ready and goes to work.  The Man takes the dogs out for more business (Lee had 2 morning poops and Phod 3which is unusual) and goes to work.

As the day goes on, the jolt from the Lady's fall begins to catch up with her. Her hands and forearms hurt,  she has a pulled muscle in her back and neck and there are spots on her legs she expects bruises. She is thankful that is all.

The Man is the first one home and he comes home to pee and poop all over the basement. The Lady is not sad that she didn't have to clean that up.

The Man and the Lady, who love their dogs very much look at each other and had that rare pet owner moment when you wish you didn't have them.

Today is a new day and not a Thursday so hopefully all will be well.


  1. Oh dear we hope you are OK. What a fright. Poor you. We send much love and healing paw. Take care. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. yep - best to forget that day and move on....

  3. That sure was a crap day..Thank dog it's Friday. We always laugh at others, but I would be in tears if I was face down in the Hope your not too sore and that you have a great weekend xxx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  4. Oh my. Thursday sounded truly dreadful. We're hoping that Friday is a much better day for you all. And it is the start of the weekend, so our paws are crossed that all remains well.

    RooOOOoodles, Bobby & Finlay

  5. Awww....hope you can find the time to have a hot soak in the tub, followed by a few forgiving cuddles with the pack. Hope the weekend is lovely :)

  6. WOW what a Thursday that was. My mom has had incidents like that too so she can symphathize!! Hopefully Friday is better.

    Jazzi and Addi

  7. Hope your Friday was better! Sorry you're so sore and the Man had to clean up after exploding dogs :( You have company, my Thursday sucked too.

    Hope the weekend is great!

  8. Thank you for all your kind words. We have decided to just pretend the day didn't happen!


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