Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Help Wanted

We have 2 issues we want to know if anyone in blogiverse can help us with.

1) Mr. Phod
Somedays Mr. Phod is not able to hold his poop while we are out and some days he goes in the games room. We have not found a pattern to this. It happens days he has 2 poop mornings, it doesn't happen days he only went once. Last week it only happened 2 days, so far this week it has happened 2 days. If he is crated and has to go he will still go. It rarely happens on weekends, but we tend not to go out much then.

Ideas on what to do?

2) Miss Lee
She needs a good no slip collar, she keeps getting out of hers. We make it tighter and it quickly stretches again. Any recommendations for a brand/type I may find here in Canada?

Thanks so much!


  1. Sorry we can not be of help but we are sure someone will. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. can't help you with the poop problem, but mom is a HUGE fan of martingale collars (she found some on amazon by typing that in the search engine). You have to make sure they don't wear them in the house unsupervised, but they are great for walks. (let us know if you can't order them...we would be willing to help)

  3. Nanük had accidents when he arrived. We found that altering his feeding schedule helped- from two cups in the morning and one in the evening to one in the morning and two at night...best of luck furiends,


  4. ROGZ collars are brilliant..You can buy them off Amazon.. You can lock them as well.. xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  5. Thanks for your advice. We will look for those collars and we are going to try and adjust the food.

    Have a good day.

  6. Is he pooping in the same spot every time? If so, you can use vinegar to remove all traces of the smell that might trigger a poop response. Also, if you block off that area it might deter him enough to hold it. Also, I wonder if there's an environmental trigger like trucks passing, phone ringing, horses in the paddock or something that would get him excited and running around and boosting his digestion. I find when someone walks by the house and the dogs get aroused they all signal to go out and then poop.

    I've always wanted to install puppy cams with remote access to see what happens when I'm not around.... might make good blog material for you too lol

  7. I think it is happening in the same spot. I never am home to deal with it. The Man gets to clean it up, I will find out what he is using. We may vinegar the spot.

    I think one of our plans is to block them upstairs during the day as the accidents tend to happen in the basement. It is happening in the space behind the fire place which is just too big to block off. Of course this means making sure the cats in the basement and finding something large enough to block our huge stairs.

    It is hard to imagine anything happening here that would excite him. The horse paddock is down the road. It would be rare for a truck to go down the dead end private road with 6 houses, and we rarely get home phone calls (everyone calls our cells). Maybe the deer come and stand at the back door when I am not here!

    I have been home all day today and he has gone out to pee 3 times (only because Hailey has insisted) but has not had a bm since the morning. We also know he can hold it all night as he often goes from 10 pm to 6 am without going out.

    We are also trying to reduce his food in the morning and give more at night to see if that helps.

    I have often wondered about a webcam but maybe I don't want to know what happens when I am not here. Hopefully we will work it out.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

  8. Maybe a metal clasp collar instead of plastic? Does that make sense? lol. Or a martingale like someone mentioned above.

  9. They have some great baby gates with pass-thrus for the top of stairs. We looked into them but decided to make a Cat Cave instead. The cats love that they have somewhere to go to get away from the dogs and to play and eat in peace. Your cats are skinning enough that they might be able to squeeze through the bars and have access to the whole house.

    Something like this: http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/3/HouseHome/BabyProducts/BabyBarriersGates/PRDOVR~0462233P/Evenflo+Top-of-Stairs+Gate.jsp?locale=en

    You can get it in black metal for better dog proofing or get it in wood and stain it to match your banisters. The black metal one also comes with extensions for wide openings.


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