Sunday, July 8, 2012


The lady: A new pack member. Looking for a young male dog (1-2 years old) to join our pack. Medium sized mutt preferred. Given our track record with light coloured dogs, dark colour preferred. Should be house trained (we expect a few accidents to begin with), tolerate cats and be snuggly. Low grooming preferred, but is negotiable. Calmer, with less anxiety than Ms Bug, preferred. Available after August 5th. Home will be 2 acres in the country, with access to acres and acres of romping room. Large house with lots of indoor play space. Yard will not be fenced (may eventually fence an area) so ties outs will be used when full supervision is not available. Lots of exercise, love and patience will be available. Family has an amazing vet and a track record of providing insane medical care to pets.  Looking for a dog who plans on living to old age:)

The Man: What the lady said, except I don't care if it is male or female. Please be less destructo-dog then Lee.

Lee: I want a new BFF. I love Shepherds so a Shepherd mix would be great. I don't care about size. I care about smell. I like and don't like dogs of all size.  I don't care about colour or grooming. I want someone who will let me hump Nin and who is scared of Baggy. I want someone who I like to play with and will chase me. I want someone who won't steal my toys and put them in piles and not let me play with them like Gemi did. I want a friend but I still want to be my Lady's favourite, so a friend who occasionally does bad things would be great!


  1. Ohhhh! So exciting! I'd kill to have enough room to get another dog :) Good luck with the search!

  2. My Bff just got a puppy and my parents are getting a second this week and I am feeling left out!


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