Monday, July 23, 2012

Day Camp Update

Well this marks Lee's last week at day camp. Next week she will go for one day, moving day as we know it will be safer to have her out of the house.

What started as something she hated to go to, has turned into something she loves! It use to break my heart to watch them drag her to the back and now I can barely keep up with her as she makes her way through the automated doors (she has figured out how to open them), to the Day Camp centre.

The staff reports that she is more and more confident everyday. She has made friends. Her reports have her playing with the same dogs most days. One of her new best friends is Kona, a husky mix. We noticed at the dog park on the weekend, before she got to hot (man was it hot on Sunday), she was far more interested in the other dogs. Normally she sort of ignores them and checks the pee-mail. Now she at least goes and sniffs most.

Our evenings have been very quiet as she has been exhausted from playing all day. This will be particularly helpful this week as I work hard to finish up my work before vacation/move and really start to finish up the packing (which won't be too bad since at least 60% of what we own is already gone in the Pod).

Her love of day camp is one of the reasons I think she needs a friend once we move. (That and the price hubby is paying for me to move provinces, even though I am only like 30 km from Ontario, is a second dog). I think a friend is just what she needs to be a happy, tired out Hailey Bug (more bug and less -bug-ger!).

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