Friday, July 6, 2012

How it is going - by Lady and Lee

Lady: Hailey Bug, we haven't talked about how things are going for you. How are they?

Lee: I hate this new life. My toys are put away, my bed is in a closet, you vacuum everyday (I hate the vacuum), you are really strict on the clean feet in the house policy, there have been a lot of fireworks and I have to go to camp. I am a nervous wreck.

Lady: I have read the reports, some days, like yesterday, you played with 3 friends all morning. You were the life of the party! You napped at camp, and last night all you did was sleep.

Lee: Ok, sometimes at camp there are nice friends. There are just too many friends in a room. I don't like a big party.  I think I would like camp better if it was outside . . . ok not outside when it is hot like today, but bigger and more open.

Lady: I can relate to that, I don't like a big party either. I am very proud of you. They say you are gaining confidence and playing well. All the staff says you are sweet and cuddly and give lots of love. This is good.

Lee: I am loving them hoping they will save me from this horrible life!

Lady: Lee, when we adopted you, your foster mom Kelly said you only wanted to play. You cared less about people. What happened.

Lee: You made me soft. I can't help it.

Lady: I am sorry we made you a snuggle bug . . . not really.  Can we talk about why you wrecked the carpet?

Lee: I was helping get the house ready for the move . . . that is all I am saying. I think there is a bed to unmake.

Lady: Ok, but FYI, no camp for 3 days, you get to hang at home but there will be more camp until July 27 then just one day after that and the new house!

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