Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The un-stuffer strikes again

the crime scene
Approximately a year ago, a crime wave hit an Ottawa home, many stuffed babies fell victim to a to date unnamed assailant. After months of peace, police were called to yet another crime scene. Police will not comment on if they have a suspect at this time. They did confirm that a person of interest from previous un-stuffings, one Miss Hailey Bug, has been questioned. When questioned by reporters Miss Bug said "It is very unfortunate what happened to my dear friend Beaver. He runs with a very dangerous crowd. If you recall, he was found floating lifeless in a water dish once. He really should find nicer friends." 

The victim, Beaver Baby, is recovering in hospital. It is not know if he is expected to make a full recovery or not.


  1. My thoughts go out to Beaver Baby. Hang in there, guy!

  2. This was a fancy Caesar one, that was a gift to her. It last longer than I thought it would!


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