Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Fever!

On Tuesday, our lovely LeeLee was suffering from spring fever. She spent almost the entire evening running around the backyard and sniffing the bunny tracks from our bunny visitor. Usually at 8pm, she is done. If our room is open she is upstairs in bed, or at the least is sound asleep on the couch. However, on Tuesday she continued to run around the yard and house playing until after 9:30.

One of the things she wanted to play with was the door stop. Many years ago this door stop had a cat head and tail, but they have fallen off so it is just the stuffed body. This body has a brick inside it. It has been sitting in the exact same place since Lee joined our pack a year and a half ago. Lee has never moved it. On Tuesday, in her fevered state she picked it up and threw it. She did this a couple of times and would have continued to be throwing a brick in the house, if I hadn't stopped her. Oh what a girl!

Her toy brick, with a hole from being thrown!

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  1. It's sooooo nice out! I can see why she wanted to stay out late!


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