Saturday, March 3, 2012

A city walk

Lady: On Thursday, Lee and I found our walk a little too blustery. We like to be able to put our heads up when we walk.
Lee: I hated the blowing snow. I had waited so nicely for my walk and it was yucky. Stupid winter.
Lady: Friday's walk was full of other adventures and doesn't get an A+ either.
Lee: I can't help that it was an insane day in the neighbourhood. First there was fresh snow and I had to sniff. I am sorry if I don't want the neighbour petting me. I don't know her. 
Lady: Lee you are right, you don't have to tolerate strangers touching you, and you handled it well, it was more what happened up in the field.
Lee: Oh the field, it was full of great smells. I was hunting for a friend.
Lady: We were walking on a city path through a field that is off a very busy street. Lee was going crazy and I couldn't figure out why, then I saw this:

Deer track
Lee: It was a great new smell and I wanted to hunt.
Lady: Lee was smelling like crazy and then a guy came up the path behind her and she was truly scared. I thought she was going to pull my arm off she was so startled and then it happened again.
Lee: I thought one of those people were what made the yummy smelling tracks so I got excited.
Lady: You were scared, you had your tail between your legs, you ears back and your hackles out. You were walking so fast I could barely keep up you.
Lee: You say scared, I say too excited.
Lady: It took like 10 minutes of walk away from the deer prints to calm you down. I had never seen you so anxious for a long time. Then you saw those dogs . . . .
Lee: I hate those dogs. If you had any idea the nasty things they were saying when they were barking at me, you would hate them too.
(Editor's note: There are 2 big dogs, retrievers I believe, that live up the street 7 or so houses. They are not dogs who are allowed to sniff other dogs and for some reason when Lee sees them, she gets angry and not her self. These are the only dogs that trigger this reaction. We wonder if they were allowed to sniff if this would go away, but for now, we just try and avoid them).
Lady: It was not the best ending to an already tense walk.
Lee: No it was not, but I had a great sleep after this walk. Can we go back to the good smelling place today?


  1. Oh boy, sounds like a dramatic walk! More snow today, hopefully we'll get spring soon!

  2. those tracks must've smelled great!! we are weird about who we bark and don't bark at, in both humans and dogs. i think sometimes theres something we might sense that we just don't like perhaps.

    yuki and rocket


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