Monday, March 5, 2012

Emma at 4 months

Emma came over for a play date yesterday. Best play date yet! Lee was sooooo tired after, while I was making the bed she had unmade, she didn't even move when I threw the covers over her!

4 fun facts about Emma:

1) She can't sit or down, but she will do pretty (walk on her back legs) and give you 5.
2) She is the loudest drinker I have ever heard (and she drinks a lot).
3) When she is excited she leaks!
4) She doesn't bark or make much noise. The only time she made noise during the play date was when Lee accidentally stepped on her!

Emma: "Your are not going to bitey-face me back are you?"

Just chillin'

Look at my pretty colours! 


  1. Emma is adorable! I'm glad they get along.

  2. I am glad too! It is nice to like your cousin!


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