Friday, March 16, 2012

Feline Friday - To Nin

Dear Ninny,
Agility Nin!

We love you a lot,
even if you are the most annoying cat we got!
Please pee in the litter box and not beside,
when you do this our annoyance we cannot hide.
For over 16 years you have always been fed,
you do not need to freak out when you think we are going to bed.
And slow down with that food,
throwing up can't put you in a good mood.
While we love you, we like our space,
even when you climb slowly, we see your face.
You meow more then any cat around,
it can be a very annoying sound.
You are a special cat that if for sure,
our favourite things are when you sleep or purr,
our life would be duller without you in our pack,
we love you, and only have moments we want to send you back!

Love your People

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  1. Oh silly cats. But we love them regardless of their mischief!


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