Thursday, January 12, 2012

Last Day of 1!

Tomorrow Lee turns 2! I can't believe it.

Today she got a great early birthday gift from Aunt C's cat, Lemew.

While it is not something she can eat or play with, Lee is very happy with this gift.

To Hailey,

For your birthday, a donation has been made to Hopeful Hearts Rescue to help other dogs find their forever homes.



  1. Wow! What an awesome birthday gift idea.
    Happy early birthday Lee!!!

  2. Isn't that Lemew an awesome birthday gift idea guy.
    Lucky Hailey to be so loved!
    From Grammie

  3. Lemew is a clever cat!

    I bet Lee is really hoping to only wear her birthday suit tomorrow... but I hope that her mama has other plans :)

  4. Lee is a very lucky girl to have a cousin who is so smart he can use the computer and donate to charity. She wishes he would let her hump him more.

    Lee's official birthday portrait, which I can't take in advance because it isn't her birthday will be up tomorrow morning. She doesn't know she should run and hide now!

  5. That is a pretty great gift :] Thank you, Lemew!

    Happy almost birthday Lee!

  6. Lemew is supportive of rescues. He is from a litter of cats that someone left in the stairwell in an apartment building.


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