Thursday, January 26, 2012

Emma came for a play date

Emma came for a play date last night and this is what we learned:

1) She can climb up a person to chew their hair.

2) Emma is at the chewy phase and her bites hurt (Lee yelped a couple of times).

3) The bitey face phase is very annoying to Lee, but for the most part she handled it very well. A few times she got a little aggressive and we took a time out.

4) Emma's head fits in Lee's mouth - fortunately Lee was very gentle.

5) For the most part the dogs were calmer together (it wasn't as crazy as previous dates).

6) There are some games they can play. They include the following:

7) Lee was exhausted after she left!

This play date wasn't as great as our last one, but I am confident that it was due to the puppy phase and this will pass!


  1. My favorite lesson was #4- Poor Emma! Thank goodness Lee is such a sweet dog!

  2. I didn't love that Lee kept putting Emma's head in her mouth! Hehehehehe!

  3. Oh puppy teeth.. how I don't miss those!

  4. How easily one forgets the pain of puppy teeth!


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