Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cookie Hangover

Hi people. My lady asked me to write a review of all the presents I got for my birthday. However, after all the treats, first from Nosey Dog Scent class and then from playing with Emma, yesterday I was not feeling myself.  My dog walker Stephanie told my lady that I threw up once in the morning. I didn't want to play or do anything but sleep yesterday. Lady is teasing me by saying I had a cookie hangover. I am still recovering from turning 2 so I will write about all my great gifts later this week. (Some of them are food and I am not up to talking about food yet!).

Love Hailey Bug


  1. Aww, it's a tough life being a dog!

  2. lol I have definitely had a cookie hangover- not of the dog food variety though ;)

  3. My lady is laughing at me but a cookie hangover is a hard thing!


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