Friday, January 6, 2012

Feline Friday - Picky Baggy

At Baggy's last vet visit, the vet confirmed that Bags was suffering from some arthritis in his hind quarters. This was no surprise to us because he is 16 (almost 17) and he had not been jumping up to sleep on his favourite place, the bathroom counter. (He loved the counter so much we kept a towel on it as a bed for him). 

The vet suggested giving him glucosamine. He said to break the pill up in some soft food. This sounded like an easy thing to do, however, my Gheera is being very picky with soft food. We have never given the cats soft food because Mr. Nin has a sensitive stomach and it has always just thrown it up. So we have bought an assortment of soft food to put this pill in. My silly Bags won't eat them. 

However, we found something he will eat -  Lee's soft food. Yes, the former dog hater not only will let Lee sleep with him, but he is now eating her food. This is what we are mixing it in now. 
Lee has enjoyed eating the cat food he wouldn't!  Are we going to create species confusion in our house???????

Baggy with one of Lee's toys tied around his
head. Further proof he is losing his mind!


  1. Haha what a cutie! Hope everything works out with Baggy's medical problems. At least you've found something he'll eat that will help him get his medicine down even if it isn't his own food! Anything to get him as healthy as possible is the best answer :) Looking forward to seeing how Baggy is doing in the future!

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  2. If the cats start playing with the dog toys and the dog starts playing with the cat toys.. then I'd wonder what was going on. ;]

  3. We have to keep the cat nip in the Lee free basement or she does chew it all up!


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