Thursday, January 19, 2012

Birthday Present Review - by Lee

I am finally recovered from my birthday party and weekend. My lady says I need to take the time and thank everyone for my presents. My lady says I am a very spoiled girl and very lucky to have such a loving pack. I think I deserve it!

As my regular readers know, my Aunt C made a donation to Hopeful Hearts for my birthday, so my birthday helped another dog.

My Auntie Kaitlyn brought me my new favourite treats. I was really excited about this because I ran out of the other treats she got me for Christmas. She knows I love peanut butter.

My new Buddy Biscuits. I love them.
My lady loves the shape, it makes her laugh. 
Here I am practicing my wait. It is hard, they
are so good!

My Uncle Chris and Emma brought me a new tug toy and a gift card so I can pick a special treat. 
Is this how it works?

Not sure what I should do with this. Lady never plays tug with me. 

The biggest birthday surprise was from my dog walker Stephanie. She brought me one of my favourites, greenies!

I am a very lucky girl. Thank you everyone!

(oh and my people got me nothing but belly rubs, so I am still neglected!)


  1. Happy belated birthday, Hailey! Looks like it was a pretty good day - belly rubs, and all.

    Lola Pug

  2. Wow you are very lucky to get such nice gifts! Happy belated Barkday!

    Yuki and Rocket

  3. great gifts! Eleanor loves greenies and buddy biscuits too!

  4. Thank you all for the nice birthday wishes.


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