Monday, October 10, 2011

Things Lee is thankful for

In honour of Thanksgiving, Hailey has created a list of things she is thankful for:

-Nin - he lets me hump him.

- Baggy - he hasn't hurt me, although he has threatened too.

- Squirrels. I would be more thankful if they ran a little slower and didn't climb so well.

-Sunshine. I love to be out in it and my Lady takes me on better walks in it.

-Walks - I love to sniff, sniff, sniff and see who has been around the neighbourhood.

-The dog park - I love to run, and there are lots of squirrels there. (Generally I don't care that much about the other dogs)

- My babies - I get to rip the m apart and I am thankful my lady lets me keep them spread out on the floor so I can watch them. You never know what they may try to do.

- Treats - especially Greenies and Kongs and my new antler.

-My big holes in the backyard  -  I am trying to dig  to China.

- My people, especially my Lady. I don't think others would be as patient with me as she is. I love her!

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