Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday Outing

On the weekend we try to get Lee out to a place we don't have time to visit during the week.  This week we went for a walk on the trails off the Ottawa River Parkway. We had a grand time. It wasn't as long as Lee would have liked because her Man rolled over on his ankle and needed to come home and ice it. (Last check the ankle didn't appear sprained,  just strained. This is great because the other ankle is sprained).

Lee was great! She sniffed and sniffed and sniffed. Clearly deer and other creatures had walked the trails recently. My favourite part was the chipmunk that was playing chicken with her. If she had been off leash, the chipmunk would be no more for this world!

Lee: "I have no idea where we are. It smells so great, but I am not sure."

"What is over there?"

"Lady, stop making sit there is too much to smell.
I refuse to look at you when you stop me."

"This isn't much of a trail, but I think a deer came this way."

"I was a good girl. I was waiting, and I didn't eat the dead mole thing when you told me to leave it!"

"There is a squirrel. Can we get it?"

"I love being in the wild!"

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