Sunday, October 9, 2011

Things I am thankful for - Pet edition

In honour of Thanksgiving, here are the pet related things I am thankful for (in random order):

- Morning walks on cool, clear mornings.
-The health to walk and walk and walk my dog and Advil and hot baths for my legs after!
- Two cats that have lived to the senior life and keep on purring.
- That Bagheera is not scared of Hailey, and has returned to his kitten like days.
- My dog walker.
- The time we had with Princess Gemini.
- The staff at the Ottawa Vet Hospital. They have always treated my pets with compassion and love and made difficult moments a little easier.
- All the wonderful people in the dog community at large who I share, the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly about having having a dog and who read my blog!
- That Hailey usually decides to run back to me.
-Hailey, for all her flaws, she brings true joy to my life. She is both the ying and yang in my life.
- All the people who work to save and protect our animals, especially those at Catahoula rescue who saved Hailey.
-Humane Society International - the work they did and are doing to save the over 600 recently rescued dogs is amazing.
- Pet Stores - so I can spoil my pet! (There are so many things I wouldn't know she needed without them)
-Dog parks in Ottawa - love having places I can watch Lee run!
- Hardwood floors - so much easier to get dirty paw prints off than carpet.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I love the "that lee usuallyyyy chooses to come back to me". Barley is the same..... He will come unless there is sokething awesome like a squirrel, a cat, something to sniff, an interesting person, kid or dog, grass to eat, toys to play with.... The list could go on! But youre so right- they just make everyday so much more interesting and i couldnt imagine life without my furry pal.
    Great post! Happy thanksgiving!

  2. I really only have to compete with squirrels and other dogs. She is getting better with the rest. It has taken a long time to get there, so maybe there is still hope for Bar!


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