Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dog walker day 1

So yesterday was Lee's first walk with her dog walker.  This is our conversation after.

Lady: "Did you have a good time with Stephanie?"

Lee: "At first I was kind of scared. I didn't really want to go with a stranger. I thought she was stealing me. I tried to hide, but at the same time, since you neglected me I really needed my walk. So I went."

Lady: "How was it when you went?"

Lee: "It was great! She ran with me. You don't run with me. I didn't mind the running, but I needed some sniffing time too. She let me sniff. She was mean and didn't let me chase the squirrels either."

Lady: "Stephanie said you were really good. You didn't pull or anything."

Lee: "Of course I was good. I am a perfect angel. And she gave me treats, I love treats."

Lady: "You seem tired. Will you be good when I am out seeing clients this afternoon?"

Lee: "You have a 50/50 chance of this."

Lady: "I noticed you whined when she left. Do you think you will like going out with Stephanie on Wednesday?"

Lee: "Yes. I look forward to my time with her."


  1. YAY!! I'm so happy for ALL of you! Lee you are such a good girl I think your lady must be giving you a bad rap! hehe :)

  2. Maybe she is growing up. I figure if she ever becomes boring, then for sure I will need a second dog!

  3. Good girl Lee!! It's very exciting that the first walk went well. And running! Perfect

  4. Lee would love a running partner, but I don't run. Family history of bad knees . . . scared I will damage them!

  5. Heck, *I* would love a running partner. I know Wookie would, too. You're such a good mom :]

  6. She refused to run day 2, so we will see if she likes to run on leash!


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