Sunday, October 23, 2011

10 Life lessons from my dogs

In no order - 

1) Greet those you love with enthusiasm every time you see them, you never can be sure you will see them again.

2) Embrace every day with sheer delight. The world has so much to offer, even at 5 am!

3) There is no problem you can’t solve with perseverance and determination. (This was recently demonstrated with Hailey’s determination to remove Frog’s eye. When she could not pull it out, she removed his brain, so she could go in the back of his head to get it).

4) It is ok to just kick back and relax and have a nap. Life doesn’t have to be all about work and play, relaxing time is important.

5) Exercise and fresh air -  the key to healthy well being.

6) It is ok to talk to strangers. You never know where you are going to make a new friend. 

7) Stop and smell the roses (and the grass, and the tree and the sidewalk and . . . . ).

8) Try new things. It will keep your mind active and show you can do more than you thought.

9) There will be no love or grief the same as that you feel for your dog. 

10) Make sure you are being fairly rewarded for the work you do. Hailey will only show off her tricks if she thinks the pay back in cookies is worth it! 


  1. Excellent words to live by!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  2. These are all very good rules!

  3. We learn so much from our pets! Great rules!

  4. We do learn so much from them. No one tells you that when you get them!


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