Friday, September 16, 2011

Toys, Toys everywhere!

Once upon a time, the Lady was able to keep the Bug's toys in a box. This was great. The Lady would leave a couple toys out. When they got too dirty, or when the lady thought it was time she would switch the toys. This worked well and the Bug was so excited to see the old toys again. Then the Bug figured out how to get into the toy box. Now as soon as her toys go in the box the Bug takes them out. This is now what the living room floor looks like almost all the time. 
Some of the Bug's toys

Can you say spoiled??????


  1. Spoiled indeed! My floor is littered with stuffies and fluff. No matter how often I clean, the fluff always appears.

  2. One of my issues with the fluff is that when I am trying to sweep it up the little monkey comes and pulls pieces out and runs and hides with it.

    Yes she has many - but was not suppose to have them all at once and given how short some of their lives are when I can get 3 for $1.99 at ValueVillage, I stock up!


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