Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thank You

Hailey would like to say thank you to everyone who was involved with and has since spread the word about the closure of Canada's largest puppy mill, Paws R Us.

She would especially like to thank Mel from Furry Four Legged Foster Friends ( for making her search to learn more easy. Mel kept tweeting links, such as Hailey says some of the images in other stories were too graphic for her, but she is glad they were shared for other people who would need to see that to know treating animals poorly is NOT ok.

Hailey hopes that all the puppies who can be saved find homes as loving as hers, even if her people are sometimes mean and make her do things she doesn't like, like get her nails cut.

Talking about puppy mills,  led to a discussion between the Lady and Lee about the treatment of animals in general. The Lady told Lee that it took a very special woman, Dr. Temple Grandin, a woman with autism (followers will know a cause near and dear to the Lady's heart as she works with this amazing population) to revolutionize the slaughter industry to make it more humane. Off the top of the Lady's head she can't remember what percentage of American slaughter facilities use Dr. Grandin's design, but it is high and growing every day.

Hailey said that maybe Dr. Grandin's work, and closures of puppy mills are steps toward a world where people aren't "complete asses" (her direct quote) and treat all living creatures with dignity and respect. (Except for squirrels, she says people can treat squirrels poorly as they are evil). 

For now she says the other animals on the planet are waiting . . . . . 

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  1. Aw, I love this.

    One day (hopefully soon) Lee will get her wish. Things can only get better!


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