Monday, September 12, 2011

Laundry Day!

In our house our loads are:  Whites, Darks, Colours and Pets.  Pet load includes towels dirty from wiping feet, towels dirty from cleaning up cat urine (our one cat likes to pee beside the box) and babies that have been buried in the yard.

Yesterday I opened the washer after the pet load and was greeted with stuffing. I guess my stitches in big Gator Baby didn't hold in the wash and he opened and spilled his guts all in the machine. Love is standing at the washing machine re-stuffing the dog's favourite toy when you really want to throw it away, but you know they don't make this toy anymore, so you should try and save it.


  1. Best mom ever!

    When Halladay was a baby his favorite toy was Nay (see the left-hand picture in my blog banner). He would beat the crap out of Nay, cuddle him, and then he would drag that horse to bed (when he got big enough and had the strength to drag him up). I fixed up Nay countless times because regardless of the fact that they were BFFs, Halladay still liked to chew his face off. But eventually I stopped because he had no face. :[ And we replaced him with another toy.

    Every now and then when we see a horse that looks like Nay, we reminisce lol.

  2. Maybe I am so happy to fix her toys because 1) it makes her so happy to destroy them 2) her ripping them apart is less disturbing than what Loki use to do with them (he humped them!).

    What is with ripping the face off?


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