Monday, September 5, 2011

Top 5 favourite things destroyed

In honour of Lee's adoption week, I thought it would be great to share the top 5 favourite things our girl has destroyed (we can laugh about them now).

5. The recycling bin: This happened while I was saying goodbye to Gemi.
What makes this one special is that it made me laugh at a time
I didn't think I could every laugh again and it reminded me that no matter what
tragedies we face in our lives, life goes on.
You might as well find the good/funny things in it, or it just isn't worth it!

4. The first crate bottom. This is when we had the first hints we had destructo-dog
3. Alligator Baby - this picture is from the the first time.
Gator now gets sewed back together weekly.
I repaired 3 holes in him this week.

2. The second crate - This is when we knew we could not contain this dog!
Also, they told me there was no way she could get out of it.
I guess they were wrong!
1. Shoes: It got rid of old shoes of my husband's that I wanted to throw out, and when she ate mine, well I am a girl, any excuse to get new shoes!


  1. Love this post! Wish I'd thought to take photos of Halladay's destructo days.

  2. I find the pictures help make it laughable . . . because sometimes in the moment it is not! Stay tuned for more destruco- updates:)

  3. It's true - if you can't have a laugh everyday, you might as well give it up!


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