Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lee's side of the story

Dear faithful followers,

I feel I am be being misrepresented by all the things my Lady writes and says about me. I wanted to set the record straight.

I try very, very hard to be a good girl. I listen when I feel the commands being given are reasonable. For example at the park yesterday, my Man yelled come, and I did hear him, but what he didn't know was there was a very evil squirrel that was trying to take over the world laughing at me in the woods. I felt it was my duty as a canine citizen to protect my people from such evil. That is why I had to run away to try and get it. Maybe if my man had not been yelling so much I would not have missed that evil one by inches! I have posted several times about the evils of the squirrel but I don't think humans truly understand it. Will squirrels have to steal your cars and take over your houses for you to understand they are an evil army?

As for destroying things, I personally don't see what the big deal is. This is my territory. The stuff is in my territory. Therefore it is my stuff. I think you people have a weird attachment to stuff. The stuff you directly give me (my babies and chewies - including the kong I have almost eaten threw) I destroy. Stuff should be destroyed or buried. That is the way it is. I also think that one of my jobs as the family dog is to help my people with their spiritual side. Like the Buddhists, I am suggesting that perhaps sometimes my people put too much stock in their material goods. I am helping unburden their souls as I chew their things. Yeah, that is it.

I am doing my best and I love my people very much. I know when my Lady reads me stories about dogs in puppy mills and abused dogs, I am very luck. People have to remember, I am still really a baby at 20 months. I no longer have a role model on how to behave and while I get lonely sometimes I think I like being an only dog. I will keep trying.

Thank you for letting me clear that up.

Your faithful protector,

Hailey Bug (and Lady stop calling my Hailey Bug-ger!)

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